Make Better Food Choices for your Health

How to Make Better Food Choices for your Health

Let’s Start with a Story about Purple Cabbage… When I was in the grocery store the other day I picked up a purple cabbage and my 6 year old son says “mommy I love purple cabbage!” Me: You do? Since when? (He’s never shown interest…
Managing Emotional Triggers

Managing Emotional Triggers Through Mind-Body Therapies

I saw my hairstylist Peter the other day. Not only is he great at what he does but we always seem to find ourselves in thought provoking conversations. This last visit was about the challenges of managing our emotional triggers. We are all…
Mind-Body Connection and Our Health

How the Mind-Body Connection Relates to Our Health

Have you ever felt nervous about something and then your stomach hurt or you had to run to the bathroom? Or felt the lethargic crash from a sugar high? I think most of us can answer yes to these questions, at least one time in our life.  Why…