Nutrition & Health Coaching

Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling Rumney

Over the years of my clinical practice I have seen an exponential rise in autoimmune and chronic disease conditions. While acupuncture and herbs are a wonderful support and treatment modality I was finding that patients were needing more beyond Chinese medicine, and expressing a strong desire for guidance in nutrition, stress management and making lifestyle changes. I was more often than not drawing upon all I had learned and continuing to learn from my own health journey with my autoimmune illness. 

Many patients coming for treatment are not only feeling awful but are overwhelmed and at a loss as to how to get their health and life back on track. They’re suffering from gut issues, chronic inflammation which inhibits their ability to move or exercise, poor sleep hygiene, anxiety, hormonal imbalances and/or chronic pain. Many patients think they’re eating healthy only to discover that all the cheese they’re consuming may be contributing to their joint inflammation and constipation, or that certain stressors in their lives may be having more of an impact on their health than they realized. 

As patient needs have grown and changed, I have slowly over the years seen my practice evolve towards health guidance and coaching, educating people on making more nutritional food choices and lifestyle changes step by step. My own health journey and continuing education in these areas has provided me the tools to help patients get their health back.

We help people start figuring this out step-by-step.

I also know first hand how challenging these changes can be at first as I had to go through many myself. And maintaining these changes can be difficult at times as life throws us curve balls. But like any practice we get back to it because we know the cost if we don’t. I am here to support you through these challenges.

Because of the growing need for nutritional and health coaching, I now offer it as its own service in my practice. These sessions are also great for people who don’t want acupuncture, but are seeking to improve their health and make some changes to live a healthier and happier life.