Heidi Botnick O’Hare has helped all of my family members over the last 5 years for different issues. She is kind and caring and truly works to get at the root of each individual issue. I would highly recommend her!

Alyssa Eaton Marsh

My struggles with insomnia and anxiety related to thyroid issues led me to Heidi. Heidi is a very skilled acupuncturist – she took the time to really get to know me as a whole person. She is very kind and thoughtful in the way she treats her patients and made necessary adjustments at each session in order to achieve our goal. She always seemed to know just what I needed on the day of our scheduled treatment and I always left her office feeling better. I am beyond thankful for her and highly recommend her to others!

Jennifer Gilbert

I have seen Heidi Botnick O’Hare on and off for a few years and for different reasons. Originally I went to go see her for knee and back pain. She helped me tremendously! More recently I saw her for tendonitis in my bicep and again she was able to give me relief. She is kind, respectful, listens and explains what she is doing and why she is doing it. I would recommend Heidi as an acupuncturist anytime.

Mary Miller

Heidi Botnick O’Hare is an outstanding practitioner, very thorough and caring.  This was my first experience with acupuncture and have been thrilled with the results of Heidi’s treatments.     I highly recommend Heidi to any looking for acupuncturist.

Michael C.

I went to Heidi Botnick O’Hare with a nagging running injury, after the usual suspects weren’t proving useful on my end– rest, physical therapists, my GP. I run a lot, and have a pretty active lifestyle. (Okay, stupidly active– trail running, skate skiing, backcountry skiing, climbing, etc.) 

Heidi was a really good listener, and identified a lot of tightness in my quads and calves. The trigger point acupuncture she did (if I’m describing it properly) really seemed to solve the issue– the results were obvious to me. She’s also not unwilling to recommend other forms of treatment, if she thinks it’ll be helpful. 

She’s smart, empathetic, compassionate, and insightful. What more could you want? I’d highly recommend her.

Doug M.